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April 16, 2010


Sandy Kay

Awww, she's such a cutie! Words really cannot express the love for a child! Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth S.

Such sweet pics!! She is just absolutely precious! Thanks for sharing.


What a BEAUTY!!! I loved every moment when my daughter was that small. Hey what am I typing I still enjoy every moment of hers :) I know you will enjoy her and I am so grateful that you are sharing a part of you. Best wishes as always.

sassy molassy

THe pic of her eating the flowers is pretty much hilarious. Sooo darling!


Oh mercy! That face! That hair! She is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pics!

Alli Miles

She is so beautiful!!!! Love those sweet smiles too.

Lisa Johnson

Such a beauty! Hope you are doing great!

Rebecca B.

Hope things are still going well. Your Lyra is exactly 2 months younger than mine. I know how busy life can be with a mobile toddler at foot. Mine constantly pulls at my legs while I'm making her dinner (or basically doing anything) and can imagine that your lack of recent posting is because you are such a dedicated and wonderful mother with a toddler keeping you hopping! Rock on!

Debbie Nelson

What a little angel...cherish every moment..they grow up way too fast! She is just a little doll!

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Becky H

So Beautiful!


How precious! Thanks for posting her new photos.

Nancy Lempinen

No better reason to be absent from the blog scene than your adorable little daughter. She's looks so happy and I love her hair. Enjoy your time with her...they grow up so quickly as you can see just from these few photos. Thanks for sharing.

Sandy Kay

Well, now that you're back to designing for PTI, I know we'd all love to see updated pictures of that little girl! Welcome back!!


She is adorable. Thanks for sharing.

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Wow nice photographs,The baby looks so cute..

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Really a nice looking baby,Great pics love all of them ....

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