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September 27, 2009



What a beautiful little girl! Congratulations! Seeing the pictures makes me remember when my two sons were babies, and miss them being so tiny. It is an indescribable happiness, isn't it? ;-)


Congrats! What a beautiful girl! Enjoy her at every stage! It goes so fast even when it feels like it takes forever for them to sleep through the night ;)
So happy for you!

Agustina G Ortega

Congratulations again, she is soo precious, I love all her different outfits, however, I LOVE the picture of her little feet :0)

Elizabeth S.

Congratulations again on your new baby girl! She is so adorable, TFS!!!


What a beautiful baby and a beautiful name for her as well. Warmest congratulations!


Candice, she's beautiful:) I am so proud of you.....


oh my gosh..she's beautiful!

Kathy T

She IS a heart melter.


Your daughter is beautiful! Thanks for posting pictures- please keep them coming. :)

Val (Mom2Men)

Congratulations! She is just beautiful. She looks just like mama. :)


She is beautiful!
And you look great.
I love her hair... darling!
Get some rest...

Sandy Kay

So adorable & sweet! I think she looks like her daddy!


She is absolutely precious! Know that you are enjoying every minute with her. Love the Irish t-shirt and that she has red hair. What more could you wish for? Indeed, how sweet to hold a newborn, fresh from the hands of God.


Congratulations. What a cutie! My son is 15 months and still doesn't have that much hair. They truly do melt your heart don't they. Enjoy this time.

Amy P.

What a sweet pea!! Too adorable! Congratulations Mom & Dad :)

Eveline van Heijst

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter, she is so tiny and beautiful. Enjoy.

Marcia Truslow

She's beautiful and precious. Great job! Great God who blessed you and your husband with her! Enjoy every moment. Best Wishes to all.

Nancy L.

She is precious and adorable!!


Congratulations! She is beautiful!
My own daughter, Maggie, was born on 9-15-98... 11 years ago and she is just a wonderful now as when she was born. Enjoy the moments, they go by too quickly.

Peggy Sue

What a beautiful angel. Congratulations!!


Precious baby, Candice!!! Best of wishes to you and your hubby with little darling Lyra :)

Pam L.

Congrats on your beautiful baby.


Congratulations!!! She is just perfect...I am happy to know that you are nursin her, being mom is one of the most amazin experiences in life, dont u think?!

diane mcvey

Oh my gosh, CONGRATULATIONS! Your baby is 100% perfect, and so very beautiful! You are blessed beyond kids are grown, and I miss the old days when they were babies. Savor every moment! Hugs and Blessings to all 3 of you!!! :D

Alli Miles

I am so behind in congratulating you but HAD to come by and post a congrats! She is adorable Candice. Hope mommy life is treating you well :)

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