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September 21, 2009


Deborah (Glitterati)

Congratulations! Your daughter's name is beautiful and I know she is beautiful too. I am so happy for you and wish your family all the best.


Congratulations!! So happy to hear you are doing well. Can't wait to see your daughter- love the name too!!

Sharon D

Congratulations! Looking forward to pictures! All best wishes--


Congratulations! With you as her mother, she can't be anything but gorgeous! :) Can't wait to see the pictures.

Val (Mom2Men)

Congratulations! Can't wait to see pics of the little cutie.

Agustina G Ortega

Congratulations and welcome to the mommys' club, try to get some rest. Hoping to see pictures of your beautiful family soon.
God Bless.

Elizabeth S.

Congratulations on the arrival of your daughter!! I love the name and looking forward to seeing pictures. Rest as much as you can.
Take care.


Congratulations on the new addition! So happy to hear everyone is healthy and adjusting the new little life at home! Can't wait to see some pictures!


All the best wishes to you and your family from over the pond! I hope you're recovering quickly and it's good to hear that everything went well!


Awwwww, congrats on the new baby girl!!! Your in for a lifetime of Love!!!

Kathy T

Have been checking frequently to see when she arrived. Congrats! Enjoy the new adventure.


Awwwww!!! Congratulations Candice. You looked great all through your pregnancy. Can't wait to see pics of your precious bundle of joy. Blessings to you and your sweet little family :)


Congratulations! Welcome to your precious new daughter! Enjoy every minute.........


Happy new baby! Congratulations on the newest addition to your family and I hope you are all doing well!

Chris K

Congratulations! Enjoy her.

Nancy L.


Renee V. (happystamper05)

Congratulations! Enjoy every moment with her and being together as a family!

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