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August 25, 2009



Oh my stars! You are all baby and all beautiful!! My second baby is 1 1/2 years old and she's probably my last. Fun to see how excited you are!!


Can't wait to see your beautiful girl!! Congratulations, you look great!!


You look gorgeous, Candice! Can't wait to see your bundle of joy!

Sandy Kay

Wow, you look great and that baby is really out there! Looking forward to seeing her on your blog!


The excitement is just radiating from you!! Best of luck, there really is no greater thing.


Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait.

Is she here yet? No. Ok.

Is she here yet? No. Ok.

Is she here.... just doing my part to prepare you!

You are beautiful!

Valerie Johnson (Mom2Men)

Just checking to see if she's here yet. You look amazing. Can't wait to see pics.

Sandy Kay

Well, she should be here now - can't wait to see her!


Your blog fans need an update and a picture!! We know that baby must be here by now!!

diane mcvey

You are a very beautiful expecting should be a model! So glad all is well with you and the gift you carry. . .

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