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May 09, 2009



Super cute sneak peek Candace and CONGRATS on your first baby! What wonderful news for you :)

Carolyn King

You new set looks awesome!

Huge congrats on your "girly" news!!! What fun.

(I experienced the same thing with all of my kids---extreme morning nausea that lasted all day and extreme fatigue---each time got back to running two months after the c-sections. Good luck!!! The walking is great for you both!)


Girls ROCK!

Debbie Olson

Candice, a HUGE congrats on your baby girl news--you look great! also, Your stamp set is fabulous--I've been playing with it already and adore it!

laura huffman

congratulations on your big news!!! how exciting, glad to hear you're feeling better. hope all goes well and that this special time is truly blessed. love your sneak peeks. can't wait to see the whole package.

Carol R

Just wanted to say how much I love the new set you have designed! All the different additions to build a summer scene are great. Thanks!

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