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April 19, 2009



Warm congratulations to you and your husband, Candace! I spent the afternoon visiting my niece and her husband who welcomed their first born on April 3rd. You forget how tiny they are. Enjoy this miraculous time!

Wishing you all the best.

Jenn E.

I had a feeling this was your BIG news! I'm so happy for you two, Candace. Congrats!


Awesome... congrats! I had a feeling this was the news!

Elizabeth S.

How exciting!! Congratulations to you and hubby on your first baby. Thanks for sharing this great news.

Karen C

Congratulations!! There is nothing like a baby in the home, well except a grandbaby..they are even better Hmmm! Love my three girls. Glad you are feeling better, I can sympathize with you, I was the same way for my two girls right up to the delivery room. Enjoy, every minute of your time.

jaime aldridge

congratulations to you and your husband. how exciting for you guys!! i'm glad to hear that you are feeling better. i had morning(and afternoon and night!!) sickness with my daughter for the first 4 months, so i know how horrible that feels. you look great by the way. congrats again!

Melissa Bickford

What wonderful news, Candice! So, so happy for you! Huge congrats to you and your hubby!

BTW...You look AMAZING!!!

Lori McAree

A big congrats to you and your hubs, how very exciting!!! I was thinking this was the news you were going to tell us!!! You look so adorable!!!

Nancy L.

You look adorable!!

Angy Hughes

Congrats! You look great! Enjoy this new blessing in your life. It will change everything but you will love it.


How nice! you are beautiful! Happy to hear your great news! best wishes!

Alyssa B

What wonderful, glorious news!

Ginny Schleich

Congratulations on your wonderful news! I hope that you contine to feel better throughout the rest of your pregnancy. You look great!


Congratulations to you & your husband on your pregnancy! Glad to hear you're feeling better! You look happy & glowing!! Take care!


Congratulations to you and your husband! What a lovely thing to happen to any family! I know the feeling of being nauseous only too well. I have been really ill with both my pregnancies and it only got better for a short while in the second trimester...Take care of yourself and baby!


Aw, Congratulations, Candace! Little girls are so much fun (and so are little boys!) Praying that your new little gift will be strong and healthy and that you continue to feel better. Can't wait to see your new stamp creation.


How fabulous for you guys. There is nothing like the first baby - it is an amazing blessing with each subsequent baby, but there is a special magic in the first that is undescribable! Savor every precious moment. Even the moments of being ill as they are all a part of a truly incredible journey. Best Wishes for health and happiness.

Sarah Martina

Just wanted to congratulate you once again. My first was a girl also, and I had a horrible experience with morning sickness (aka 24hr sickness), among other unmentionables.... but look at the treasure you are blessed with in the end!

Congrats and try to stay cheery! :-)

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