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April 24, 2009


Nancy L.

OMG, how exciting!!
You look beautiful!!


Such a beautiful Baby GIRL Mama! I can hardly wait. haha.

Debbie Nelson

Congratulations...nothing more precious than those little girls!

Elizabeth S.

Congratulations!! A little girl to dress and have fun times. Such an exciting time of your life.


Congratulations! How awesome! I pray you feel better and better. Know all about morning sickness...yuk! Enjoy this special time!


Congrats to you and your hubby!! :-)

Sassy Molassy

Woohoo! Love this outfit. Looking good with that bump, C!


Congratulations!!! You look beautiful with that baby bump ;) I am soo glad you are feeling so much better, nausea is the WORST!! Looking forward to the updates and also for the release of your new stamp set.


Congrats on God's Blessing!!!

Carol R

How exciting! A beautiful baby girl coming soon. Congratulations!

Kelly Braund

Oh, how exciting! Congrats! It's so great when you know the sex before your child's born, it feels like you get to know them long before they're here! :)
Hope the rest of your pregnancy is a bit easier on you



Sarah Martina


And you are BEAUTIFUL!!! :-)


C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!

So glad you are finally feeling better. You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!


CONGRATULATIONS on the upcoming baby girl. Glad you're feeling better! Will be expecting to see photos when she arrives!


Yeah! Congrats! We loved having a girl first. LOVED it! I saw your other post about not being able to exercise. I had the same problem with my third pregnancy. I was SO sick. But now it feels so good to have our little guy (he's seven months old) with us. I can work out again and it feels SO good. Hang in there because it is all totally worth it! Anyways! Big congrats!

Jen A

Congratulations! You look so cute and happy!


Congrats!! Being a mom is the best part of life!! Blessings and hugs!!


Congratulations, my husband also really wanted a little girl and we were thrilled when that is what we had. I love her a bit more everyday even almost 7 years later!

Cherish every moment.


Congratulations! I am so glad to hear you are feeling better. Bad morning sickness is so...bad! As the proud mom of three girls I can tell you that you have a lot of joy ahead of you. Motherhood has been better than I ever expected or hoped it would be. Enjoy the journey!


CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What Great News, so happy for you and your husband~you look beautiful!


Congratualations!!! Babies are so wonderful.

Maureen L

congratulations! baby girls are the best (IMHO)! prayers that you continue to feel better.

Chandra Hough

Best wishes! I love babies, especially girls! What fun! Also can't wait to see your new PTI set -- the sneak peak got my attention really quickly!

Isabel Z

Congratulations! What exciting news. Here's wishing you a healthy pregnancy and at the end a bundle of joy wrapped in a pink blanket or maybe she will be into blue like my little girl.

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