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December 10, 2008


Sandy Kay

Well, Candice, where's your sample using the set?
My grandson can't watch Bambi - he gets really upset. It's really supposed to be a child's movie, but it's rather disturbing!! If they just left out the part about Bambi's mom....sigh!
Yes, we'll call your little skunk, Flower!

Sandy Kay

PS. Ohhh, we're getting a little Bambi??

Crafty Math Chick

Don't feel bad Candice, I cried at the BEGINNING of E.T. (sniff, sniff, "you mean they just LEFT HIM?!!" - my father said "That's it, we're going home" he was so embarrassed). And I cried when they locked up Dumbo's Mom too, I still bawl when I watch that scene or hear the song "Baby Mine", which I was also given on LP (yes, I know how pathetic I am, thank you).

Thank you for the cute story. Looking forward to seeing the entire set!


Sherrie D.

C'mon, Candice! Let's see your samples, girlie! We're all anxious to get a peak... :D


Oh you are a DEER for giving us that hint! Now how about teasing us with a sample! You have us all swooning at the thought of this set.

Judy in Indiana

I have never let my kids watch Bambi, and they are now 8 and 12. I saw it when I was six and could not belive mothers could die. It tore me apart as a small child.

Ann Lind

Candice I read your blog this morning and saw you had read and referred to my comment but it wasn't till I went back to Nicholes blog this afternoon and went back to the contest post that I realized I had won. Thank you very much I am so excited to have won. Ann Lind


Can't wait to see the rest of the set. We have lots or deer the roam and land and I think of Bambi everytime I see a deer on the side of the road.

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