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June 12, 2008



I LOVE this. Endless possibilities & it suits every occasion. Beautiful cards, beautiful stamps. Nice work.


Oh Candice, this is awesome! I wasn't sure about the first image but now seeing everything stamped out it looks amazing! I love the little footprints, what a fun touch.

My husband and I actually draw in footprints when we send cards out because we have two pet birds!


So, so pretty! I love what I'm seeing of this set so far! The font and sentiments are really sweet, too.


Very lovely!!! :) (Your wedding pictures are BEAUTIFUL, by the way! Congratulations!)


Candice! I'm loving all the sets you create for PTI...but you are killing my budget!!!
This looks like another must have!


What cute adorable little cards!

Alli Miles

I absolutely ADORE this card.

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